Rate Structure

For course work, rates are set by the course and apply per pilot being trained. Non-course rates are charged as either daily or half day for instructional and mentoring services, as well as commercial pilot services.  Rates vary depending on type of aircraft, qualifications required, and nature of flight such as Piston, Pressurized-Piston, and Turboprop aircraft, training versus piloting service, and domestic versus international operations.  A volume discount is extended to any two or more pilot training courses paired back to back and share the same ground school time.  Each course is then discounted 10%.  We also offer a Loyalty Discount of 10% for individual (stand alone) courses for clients who have already utilized our services for their Initial training, followed by their first Recurrent training.  On the second recurrent event and beyond, each course will be discounted 10% from the standard recurrent rate.  Multiple discounts do not apply such as the Volume discount plus the Loyalty discount.

Each course is structured to provide the time necessary to bring you up to speed on the aircraft you are moving into. Accelerated courses are available for professional pilots – ATP and Commercial pilots with significant experience, turbine time and type ratings fall into this category. Because of the differences we all have in learning, in work schedules, time availability and backgrounds, training and scheduling are flexible. Our goal is to provide you with training that fits you and provides you with exceptional value and quality.

Call or contact us for specifics.

Scheduled Time & Cancellations:
Wright Aviation will set a block of time aside to meet your training needs. To do this, a fifty percent (50%) deposit is required at the time of booking. This deposit is fully refundable up to 10 calendar days before the event is scheduled to begin. Changes made within 14 days of the start of training, the deposit is non-refundable. Payment in full is required prior to the beginning of a training event.

Aircraft ferrying, test flights, commercial pilot services and aircraft management are done on a whole-day/half-day rate basis, plus expenses (commercial air travel and/or ground transportation, lodging, and per diem or actual cost for meals.  When driving is required as part of the commute, mileage for driving is invoiced at the IRS-approved rate for the year).

Pricing Changes:
All rates quoted are subject to change without notice.

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