Piper PA46-350P Mirage / -310P Malibu / -350T Matrix

Our initial transition training for the Piper PA46 Piston Series is an FAA FITS formatted program. It is designed to bring you up to speed on your aircraft, its systems, operations, procedures, and handling characteristics in an organized, thorough and efficient manner. The program relies upon highly experienced and skilled instructors, a thorough, self-directed pre-work process followed by a series of full emersion, one-on-one sessions involving both classroom and actual flight training, in your own airplane, logging real, actual flight time. The process is tailored to you, your background, your learning style and on your schedule. When you complete our program you will be proficient in VFR and IFR conditions, able to handle normal, abnormal and emergency scenarios to PTS standards established for your pilot certificate.

Because you bring a unique set of experiences and knowledge to the initial training process, it is flexible, and seeks to build on your prior experiences, while setting the proper framework for the safe operation of this highly advanced, incredible high- performance aircraft. The goal of transition training is to provide you with the knowledge, skill, and self-confidence to begin flying your new PA46 so you can take full advantage of all its unique capabilities and characteristics

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